No Debit… No Credit…

No Debit… No Credit… The ShopbooK Accounting Software is free of all those journal entries and journalizations like –

Debit what comes in.

Credit what goes out. etc. etc. and uses a short cut method of accounting and book keeping.
Everything here is straight forward and simply understandable, that means you need never be an accountant to do your accounting job. All you need is some basic knowledge of computers and the interactive Tutorial Posts available on our website.

The learning process is simple as everything follows the same pattern.

If you learn how to use the Purchase section you have also learned the Sales section because the layout and logic of both these sections are same, The same is applicable to Payment section and Receipt section.

The General Ledgers is as simple as it can be, just enter the date of transaction > select the account head > log you income or expenses and that’s all. That means No Debits or Credits throughout the Package.