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Changing Default Password

Changing Default Password… After download and installation of the ShopbooK Accounting Software, it is highly recommended that users change the default Admin Password for enhanced security and to avoid unauthorized access as the default password is publicized through the ShopbooK website.

Removing Macro Security Message

Removing Macro Security Message… Access 2007 and later versions of Access use trusted locations as a security measure to help prevent users opening a database from an unknown source. Typically, if you open a database that is not in a trusted location, Access will display a security message asking if you want to open the file. With the full version of Access trusted locations can be added manually using the trust centre, for this follow the steps provided below:

Adding Users and Access Control

Adding a New User and Access Control… On clicking the ADMIN button on the Keyboard, the ADMINISTRATION form opens, this is the form where new user accounts are created, click on ADD USER and fill in the required fields to add new user.

Backup your ShopbooK

Backup Your ShopbooK… Data recovery and repair of the database (software) is not possible in the rare and unlikely event of a database corruption, To avoid data loss and interruption in work flow, regular backup of the software to a flash drive or at least to another location on the same computer is recommended.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use of Control + Navigation Keys and other Keyboard Shortcuts… Most users who are not familiar with system keyboard shortcuts would use the mouse to click on the arrow on the right side of the Combo box to open the drop down list and select an item (eg. customer id, vendor id or material code etc). Using the mouse for this purpose will slow down your work