Purchase Register

  • Material Registration and Generating Barcodes

    Material Coding and Barcoding… In the Material Register form (path – purchase register > materials > ADD) you will find field in the name of Category. when you determine a code for an item, it should be in such a way that it is identifiable with the Category under which it is registered. for eg. let’s register a Dell Laptop. This item will fall under

    Catagory: Laptop

    So the Coding for this item can be LAP001 (With Catagory Code LAP and Serial No. 001)

    Another Acer Laptop can be registered as LAP002 and so on

    For Category Mobile Phone it will be MOB001, MOB002…
    And for Category Pen Drive it will be PDR001, PDR002… Etc. Etc…

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    So for each Category in the Database the Code will start with the same Alphabetical combination and Serial Number will be added incrementally, and while making Purchase or Sale thru the Purchase or Sales Register just entering the Category code in the Code field will take us to the intended Category… In this way filtering and entering the item can be simplified.

    However, the best way is to use barcodes, Most of the materials in the market now come with barcodes already affixed on them, so it is as simple as scanning and entering the barcodes into the Code field in the Material Register.

    For those items without barcodes on them, barcoding is also available in ShopbooK, with this feature users will be able to generate barcodes for the materials registered in the Material Register, these barcodes are printable on A4 size label sheets containing 24 Nos Sticker labels.

    Initially barcodes will not appear on the barcode forms and reports, Users will have to install the free barcode font provided with the ShopbooK package. ...Go Back to Registering a Purchase

  • Registering a Purchase

    Registering a Purchase… After Downloading, Installing and Launching the Software and Loging in with the Admin Password of 12345 you will reach the Keyboard, On the Keyboard clicking the PURCHASE button will open the PURCHASE REGISTER, This form serves as a Purchase Register, where Purchase Orders can be made or Purchase Invoice registered.

    To register a Purchase, A Vendor / Supplier account should be created and the Purchasing materials added. To register a Vendor / Supplier click on the VENDORS button on the bottom of the form.

    The CONTACTS form will open, click on the ADD button to add a new Vendor / Supplier or select a Vendor / Supplier name and click on the Edit button to edit an already registered Vendor / Supplier, The Contact form can also be used as a Contact Management Solution.

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    To register Materials, click on the MATERIALS button on the bottom of the form, the MATERIALS form will open.

    Click on the ADD button to add new Material or select a Material and click on the Edit button to edit an already registered Material, In the MATERIAL REGISTER form Combo fields like Category, location etc, will require item to be added before the items can be selected in the Combo fields. Just click on the button with the field names on the left of these fields to add a new item to the combo fields ...more information on Registering Materials and Generating Barcodes

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    Returning to the PURCHASE REGISTER, Select Vendor / Supplier in the Vendor ID field and continue with entering data in all the other fields such as

    Date – Date of Purchase
    No. – Purchase Order Number
    Vendor Ref. – Vendors / Suppliers Quotation ref. etc.
    Bill nO. – Purchase Bill Number, if Purchase bill is entered
    bD – Purchase Bill Date, if Purchase bill is entered.
    Note. – Notes if any
    Tr. – Type of Purchase Transaction, Cash, Credit etc.

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    After entering data in all the above fields, press tab or enter to come down to the Subform, where the Material details are to be entered. Select the Material Code from the Combo field and all other details of the materials will be auto filled, enter the Purchase quantity and tab on to the next field to select the next material code. Select and enter all materials required with their respective ordering quantity.

    The details in the Discount % (D%) and Cost field can be edited and changed to meet requirements directly without going into the Materials form.

    After entering all the Materials and their required quantities click on REFRESH button, and then click on the Branch or Local button in the Purchase Order section on the Ribbon (A collection of button on the top portion of the Program) to preview and print Branch or Local Purchase Order.

    If you have entered a Purchase Bill and do not need a Purchase Order, click on the PURCHASE LOG button on the right side of the PURCHASE REGISTER form to preview and print a Purchase Log.

    The PURCHASE REGISTER form and the Ribbon contains some other reports, the details of which are as below

    Location – PURCHASE REGISTER form:

    DAY PURCHASE (report) – Returns the total daily purchase of the day

    Location – RIBBON:

    SERACH (form) – Returns all material details for Search including stock, price etc.
    PURCHASE (form) – Returns all the Purchase made todate.
    DELIVERY (form) – Returns the delivery status of the materials ordered.
    VENDOR (form) – Returns the monthly purchase from each vendor / supplier for each year

    It is important to note that all materials purchased through the PURCHASE REGISTER will be added to stock only when the materials are marked as delivered, by default all materials are marked as delivered, To make it undelivered click on Ribbon > Delivery > Change and untick the checkbox in the Delivered Column.

    To edit an already entered Purchase, Select the Purchase Order in the black coloured combo box on the top right of the PURCHASE REGISTER form and click on Edit, this will open the selected Purchase Order or Purchase bill for editing.

    After a Purchase Order or Purchase Bill is finalized the Purchase can be signed and locked for further editing by Signing the Purchase Order, this can be done by following the path KEYBOARD > ADMIN > Sign Purchase Orders, The Signing process can be done only by a User with access to the Admin Tab on the Keyboard.