Sales Register

  • Use of Keyboard Shortcuts

    Use of Control (Ctrl) + Navigation Keys and other Keyboard Shortcuts… Most users who are not familiar with system keyboard shortcuts would use the mouse to click on the arrow on the right side of the Combo box to open the drop down list and select an item (eg. customer id, vendor id or material code etc). Using the mouse for this purpose will slow down your work

    So here is an easy way out, when you want to select an item from a drop down list (combo box) just bring the curser to the field and press Control and then down Navigation Key, this will open the drop down list from where you can select the required item by further pressing the down Navigation Key.

    Likewise the following Keyboard Shortcuts will perform the corresponding functions when the Purchase, Sales, Payment and Receipt Registers are open…

    Ctrl + K – will bring the curser to the Code section to select Code or to scan Barcode.
    Ctrl + M – will bring the curser to the Title section to enter the Title of the material directly without the need for entering Code or Barcode.
    Ctrl + J – will refresh and save the data entered and move the curser to the Change Field.
    Ctrl + N – will refresh and save the data entered and Add New Item.
    Ctrl + U – will open the Master Search Form.
    Ctrl + I – will close the Master Search Form.
    Ctrl + O – will print the default Invoice (Sales Register only).
    Ctrl + L – will print the Lite Invoice (Sales Register only).
    Ctrl + B – will Open a light version of Ledger Form for users with ABCD+ Access.

    Please make sure the REFRESH button is enabled and active before using the above Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Making a Sale

    Making a Sale… On clicking the SALES button on the Keyboard, the SALES REGISTER form opens, This form serves as a SALES Register, where sales invoices can be made.

    To make a sale, A Customer account should be created, To register a Customer click on the CUSTOMERS button on the bottom of the form, The CONTACTS form will open, click on the ADD button to add a new Customer or select a Customer name and click on the Edit button to edit an already registered Customer. The Contact form is the same form used to register Vendor / Supplier earlier and can also be used as a Contact Management Solution.

    Returning to the SALES REGISTER, Select Customer in the CUSTOMER field and continue with entering data in all the other fields such as

    Date – Date of Sales
    No. – Invoice Number (Leave blank for Auto Numbering)
    Ref/Others. – Customer LPO ref. etc.
    Note. – Notes if any
    Sm. – Name of Salesman
    Tr. – Type of Purchase Transaction, Cash, Credit etc.

    After entering data in all the above fields, press tab or enter to come down to the Subform, where the Material details are to be entered. Select the Material Code from the Combo field and all other details of the materials will be auto filled, enter the sales quantity and tab on to the next field to select the next material code. Select and enter all materials required with their respective ordering quantity.

    Ticking the Deduct column will change the invoice amount into minus amount transforming the invoice into a Credit Note. The details in the Discount % (D%) and Price field can be edited and changed to meet requirements directly without going into the Materials form.

    After entering all the Materials and their required quantities click on REFRESH button, and then click on any of the required invoice buttons on the Ribbon (A collection of button on the top portion of the Program) to preview and print the Sales Invoice required.

    Users can also click on the PRINT button or use Keyboard Shortcuts such as Ctrl+O, Ctrl+L or Ctrl+T to print the default invoices.

    The SALES REGISTER form and the Ribbon contains some other reports, the details of which are as below

    Location – SALES REGISTER form:

    DAILY SALES (report) – Returns the total daily sales of the day
    TRANSACTIONS (report) – Returns all the transactions for the day

    Location – RIBBON:

    SERACH (form) – Returns all material details for Search including stock, price etc.
    SALES (form) – Returns all the sales made todate
    DELIVERY (form) – Returns the delivery status of the materials sold

    For all the other reports on the SALES REGISTER Form and ribbon, the caption on the Report is self explanatory.