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Tutorial Topics (Category)
Tutorial Topics
Part 1 - Software Install Instructions http://shopbook.co/tutorial/install-instructions Part 2 - Login and Password http://shopbook.co/tutorial/user-name-and-password Part 3 - Adding Users and Business Setup…

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Video Tutorials (Category)
Registering a Purchase… After Downloading, Installing and Launching the Software and Loging in with the Admin Password of 12345 you will reach the Keyboard, On the Keyboard clicking the PURCHASE button will open the PURCHASE REGISTER, This form serves…

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Material Coding and Barcoding… In the Material Register form (path – purchase register > materials > ADD) you will find field in the name of Category. when you determine a code for an item, it should be in such a way that it is identifiable with…

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No Debit… No Credit… The ShopbooK Accounting Software is free of all those journal entries and journalizations like – Debit what comes in. Credit what goes out. etc. etc. and uses a short cut method of accounting and book keeping. Everything here is…

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