• Install Instructions

    After download unzip and open the ShopbooK folder, if you have Microsoft Access 2010 or later - double click on the ShopbooK file and start using, ShopbooK will work on all Computers with Microsoft Access Installed ..If you do not have Microsoft Access on your Computer, open the runtime folder and run setup to install ShopbooK with Free Microsoft Access Runitme and start using.

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    Ignore the Microsoft Macro Security Message and Click Open, You will be prompted for UserName and Password Select UserName as Admin and type Password 12345

  • Explaining the Keyboard

    Explaining the Keyboard… After login with the correct User Name and Password, the Keyboard opens with a variety of buttons and Parameter fields, The buttons include, Purchase, Sales, Payment, Receipt, Ledgers, Statement and Admin, on clicking which will open the respective forms for Data Entry.

    In the middle of these buttons, we can find the Contacts Button which can be used for viewing Vendor / Customer details.

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    Selecting any particular Branch in the Branch Combo box will limit all reports to the Branch selected. leaving the Combo box empty will return Reports with all records irrespective of any Branch.

    Another thing that we can find on the Keyboard is Selector Combo boxes where we can select any previous Invoice or Purchase Order to view as Quick Preview without getting into the respective Registers.

  • Adding Users and Access Control

    Adding a New User and Access Control… On clicking the ADMIN button on the Keyboard, the ADMINISTRATION form opens, this is the form where new user accounts are created, click on ADD USER and fill in the required fields to add new user.

    Existing Users and their Level of Access can be edited by selecting the user in the box on the bottom right and clicking on the OPEN button.

    The ADMIN form also provides links to open signature forms wherein sales invoice, purchase orders, receipt vouchers, payment vouchers and journal vouchers can be signed to restrict further editing by users other than with Admin Access.

  • Changing Default Password

    Changing Default Password… After download and installation of the ShopbooK Accounting Software, it is highly recommended that users change the default Admin Password for enhanced security and to avoid unauthorized access as the default password is publicized through the ShopbooK website.

    For changing the default Password kindly follow the procedures below:

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    Open ShopbooK by clicking on the software icon, you will be prompted for User Name and Password, Select User Name as Admin and Type Password as 12345 and press ENTER once on the Keyboard, The Change Password button will be activated, Now click on the Change Password button and change default password by entering the new password in the Change Password Form.

  • Login and Password

    Looking for User Name and Password?… Select User Name as “Admin” and type Password “12345”, Do not forget to change Admin Password before actual use.

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    For Setting Business Details open ShopbooK and follow the Path - KEYBOARD >> ADMIN >> ADD USER - Now Add or Edit the already existing credentials of Users with your Business Name and Details.

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