About Shopbook

Shopbook for Business is Accounting Software with Billing and Stock-keeping simplified for Shops and Small Business.



Why Shopbook?

  • Classic and simple User Interface which is easy to navigate and operate
  • Easy learning curve with free video tutorials lasting only less than 30 minutes and community forums
  • Cost of Shopbook does not drain the pockets, it only costs less than a dinner at your favorite restaurant
  • No need for knowledge of conventional Accounting and Bookkeeping principles
  • Software is complete with accounting, billing and inventory features optimized with barcode generation and MIS reports upto finalization
  • Only one printer required for printing invoices, reports and barcodes
  • No additional charges for updation, subscription or annual maintenance — Shopbook is one time pay and lifetime use
  • Supports Data Entry in almost all languages
  • Can be easily backed up by the User on Pen Drive, Google Drive or Dropbox
  • User has complete control on the installation and location of the software which is stored locally and backed up by the user.

Software Modules

  1. PURCHASE REGISTER – Purchase Order, Purchase Log, Daily Purchase Report, Goods Receipt Voucher
  2. SALES REGISTER – Sales Invoice, Sales Bill, Moving / New Items Report, Estimate, Delivery Note, Stores Demand Issue Voucher (SDIV)
  3. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE – Statement of Payable, Payable Summary, Payment LogList
  4. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE – Statement of Receivable, Receivable Summary, Receipt Loglist
  5. GENERAL LEDGERS – Account Balance, Book Balance, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet
  6. STATEMENTS AND REPORTS – Item List, Price List, Stock Update, Stray Stock, Sales / Purchase Statement, Costing / Pricing Reports
  7. ADMININSTRATION – User Level Access and Posting of Invoices and Journals.