Small Bee Honey – 1kg


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Small bee honey also known as Stingless bee honey is recommended as a remedy for many diseases and is used in combination with many herbal medicines.

Modern science has given great importance to honey as a medicine even in the treatment of cancer.

Stingless honeybees collect very little honey compared to other bees. One hive can only yield 200-850 ml of honey.

The taste of Small bee honey is a bit sour due higher acidic property of the honey, Color and smell will vary from other honeys. Small bee honey has a light yellow to dark brown color and it depends on the source of the plants.

Due to its lower water content, Small bee honey does not need to be processed like Indian bee or Italian bee honey. Slightly warming it in the sun will help keep it intact for a longer period of time.

Small bee honey is a remedy for many ailments like burns, eye diseases, cough, cold, phlegm, skin diseases, asthma, ulcers, intestinal gas trouble, diarrhea, colic, epilepsy, watery discharge, urinary diseases, cancer and abdominal diseases of children. It also helps to remove facial spots, increase skin beauty, eliminate appetite and reduce obesity.
Regular use of Small bee honey is good for increasing radiance and vigor and above all for maintaining good health and beauty.