User Name and Password

Looking for User Name and Password?… Select User Name as “Admin” and type Password “12345”, Do not forget to change Admin Password before actual use.

Material Coding and Barcoding

Material Coding and Barcoding… In the Material Register form (path – purchase register > materials > ADD) you will find field in the name of Category. when you determine a code for an item, it should be in such a way that it is identifiable with the Category under which it is registered. for eg. let’s register a Nokia E5 Mobile Phone. This item will fall under

Catagory: Mobile Phone

So the Coding for this item can be MOB001 (With Catagory Code MOB and Serial No. 001)

Making a Purchase

Making and Purchase… After Downloading, Installing and Launching the Software and Loging in with the Admin Password of 12345 you will reach the Keyboard, On the Keyboard clicking the PURCHASE button will open the PURCHASE REGISTER, This form serves as a Purchase Register, where Purchase Orders can be made or Purchase Invoice registered.

To register a Purchase, A Vendor / Supplier account should be created and the Purchasing materials added. To register a Vendor / Supplier click on the VENDORS button on the bottom of the form.

Making a Sale

Making a Sale… On clicking the SALES button on the Keyboard, the SALES REGISTER form opens, This form serves as a SALES Register, where sales invoices can be made.

To make a sale, A Customer account should be created, To register a Customer click on the CUSTOMERS button on the bottom of the form, The CONTACTS form will open, click on the ADD button to add a new Customer or select a Customer name and click on the Edit button to edit an already registered Customer. The Contact form is the same form used to register Vendor / Supplier earlier and can also be used as a Contact Management Solution.

Registering a Payment

Registering a Payment… On clicking the PAYMENT button on the Keyboard, the PAYMENT REGISTER form opens, Accounts Payable is made easier and dealt with in this form.

Select the name of the Vendor / Supplier to which money is paid in the Paid To combo field on the top left of the PAYMENT REGISTER Form and tab on to enter the Total Paid Amount, Remarks and proceed to the subform.

Registering a Receipt

Registering a Receipt… On clicking the RECEIPTS button on the Keyboard, the RECEIPT REGISTER form opens, Accounts Receivable is made easier and dealt with in this form.

Select the name of the Customer from which money is received in the Received From combo field on the top left of the RECEIPT REGISTER Form and tab on to enter the Total Receipt Amount, Remarks and proceed to the subform.

Recording Incomes and Expenses

Recording Incomes and Expenses… On clicking the LEDGER button on the Keyboard, the GENERAL LEDGERS form opens, Expenses and other Incomes related to the business are recorded and accounted through this form.

Enter the date of the transaction in the box on the extreme left and tab on to proceed to the subform where the details of expenses or incomes are entered

Generating Statements and Reports

Generating Statements and Reports… On clicking the STATEMENT button on the Keyboard, the STATEMENTS & REPORTS form opens, This form contains a variety of financial and accounting reports which can be accessed by clicking on their respective buttons; the reports on the form are as below:

No Debit… No Credit…

No Debit… No Credit… The ShopbooK Accounting Software is free of all those journal entries and journalizations like –

Debit what comes in.

Credit what goes out. etc. etc. and uses a short cut method of accounting and book keeping.

Explaining the Keyboard

Explaining the Keyboard… After login with the correct User Name and Password, the Keyboard opens with a variety of buttons and Parameter fields, The buttons include, Purchase, Sales, Payment, Receipt, Ledgers, Statement and Admin, on clicking which will open the respective forms for Data Entry.

In the middle of these buttons, we can find the Search Button which can be used for searching on the materials and their details.