About Shopbook

Are you an entrepreneur running a small business that does not require VAT or GST registration?… Are you a less experienced accountant?… Is your store billing, bookkeeping and stock management out of sync?… NO WORRIES!

If you want to grow your business venture with minimal investment even during this trying period, get the Shopbook for Business Accounting Software package right away!

The Shopbook Accounting and Billing Software package that we have developed over the years through intense research helps ordinary entrepreneurs, even those with little accounting knowledge, to perform difficult business processes such as accounting, billing, stock management and expense tracking very easily and quickly.

Shopbook for Business is Accounting Software with Billing and Stock-keeping simplified for Shops and Small Business, The Software Package comes with Installation Files and Video Tutorials bundled in CD ROM and in 8GB USB Flash Drive

RS 600

RS 900

Special Features

  • No formal Academic Accounting knowledge required to operate Shopbook
  • Shopbook can be mastered within hours with the help of our tutorial site, community forum and videos
  • Simple Barcode Generator by which Barcodes can be printed on A4 label sheets with 24, 40 or 65 labels
  • No annual updation or subscriptions, Shopbook is one time pay and use for life
  • Shopbook supports data entry in multiple languages and Invoices can be printed in A4, A5, A6 and 80mm thermal sizes on any type of printable paper
  • Only one Printer required for printing Barcodes, Invoices and Reports
  • Shopbook can easily be backed up on Pen Drive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Software Modules

  1. PURCHASE REGISTER – Purchase Order, Purchase Log, Daily Purchase Report, Goods Receipt Voucher
  2. SALES REGISTER – Sales Invoice, Sales Bill, Moving / New Items Report, Estimate, Delivery Note, Stores Demand Issue Voucher (SDIV)
  3. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE – Statement of Payable, Payable Summary, Payment LogList
  4. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE – Statement of Receivable, Receivable Summary, Receipt Loglist
  5. GENERAL LEDGERS – Account Balance, Book Balance, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet
  6. STATEMENTS AND REPORTS – Item List, Price List, Stock Update, Stray Stock, Sales / Purchase Statement, Costing / Pricing Reports
  7. ADMININSTRATION – User Level Access and Posting of Invoices and Journals.