Update Shopbook

Updates are available for Shopbook Plus users, Just download the updated Frontend by clicking on the link below and link the Fontend to the Backend in use by following instructions in the READ-ME.pdf file in the downloaded update.

DOWNLOAD UPDATE Latest Version 4.63

Version 4.63
  1. Major improvement in Keyboard Shortcuts and included Shopbook Store link on Keyboard
Version 4.62 Download
  1. Blocked accidental barcode scanning in Quantity field
Version 4.61
  1. Major Improvements in Stock and Inventory Reports
  2. Minor changes in Material Register, Material Edit and User Register
  3. Fixed minor bug in Customer / Vendor Register and Barcode Generator

After download unzip the folder and copy the ShopbookP file and replace the ShopbookP file in use in the ShopbookP folder in ‘My Documents’ or ‘Documents’ folder in C Drive of your computer.

How to check version in use?

To find current version in use open Shopbook and click on the ‘About’ button on the ribbon, the About form will open with Shopbook details as below