About Shopbook Plus

As different from the Free Version, The Plus Version does not contain sample data and can be upgraded to later versions of Shopbook. The upgrade is done by just linking the updated frontend to the in-use backend file of the user.

Buy Shopbook Plus

Shopbook Plus comes with multi-user setup with backend and frontend of the software separated for linking from multiple computers. The Plus Version can also be upgraded to the Shopbook Tax Version

How to Install?

For the Free Version just download the software (shopbook.zip) and run setup.exe to install. For Shopbook Plus click on the ‘Buy Shopbook Plus’ button above and click on the ‘Pay’ button to Checkout — After Checkout the Instant Download link will be available, just click on the link and download Shopbook Plus (ShopbookP.zip)

Unzip the folder and run setup.exe to install Shopbook Plus, After installation click on the Shopbook icon on the Desktop, The software opens up with the below message

Click ‘OK’ and browse to ‘My Documents’ or ‘Documents’ folder in C Drive of your computer and open the ShopbookP folder and select the ‘SBACKEND’ file and click ‘Open’

The Shopbook Backend is now linked to Shopbook Plus, just close the program and reopen. You will be prompted for User Name and Password. Select User Name as Admin and enter password ‘12345’ to open.