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Shopbook for Business is Accounting Software with Billing and Stock-keeping simplified for Shops and Small Business, The Software Package comes with Installation Files and Video Tutorials bundled in CD ROM and in 8GB USB Flash Drive

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How to Backup Shopbook?

The Shopbook Frontend Latest Version is freely available at Get the Latest Update - Shopbook

All data in Shopbook is stored in the backend file viz SBACKEND, which is stored in Documents > Shopbook folder -- We recommend backing up the backend file on a periodical basis to avoid data loss in the event of a system crash or a virus attack.

To backup the backend file open Documents folder and in the Shopbook folder open SBACKEND file, then click on the backup button on the ribbon as shown in the image below. then save the backend file with the timestamp to an external Flash Drive or Google Drive or Dropbox.

After backup Compact and Repair the database by clicking on the Compact and Repair button for optimal performance.