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Editing Chart of Accounts and Book Register


I have downloaded the free software but it does not allow me to change the account and book register and also delete cells etc. Can you help me with it? ...Kind regards,

Account heads and Book heads once registered cannot be deleted, however they can be edited from the Admin Tab on the Keyboard,

Click on the ADMIN button on the Keyboard as highlighted below

And then click on EDIT ACCOUNTS or EDIT BOOKS to edit the respective registers.


I have tried that but that is not working. When i enter the "edit accounts", it doesn't allow me to edit or delete.




You can edit the Description and P And L,

Code is not editable, and it does not matter as it will not be visible in forms and reports, it is just an ID for the Description, it is the Description that will appear in Ledger Register and Reports ...Thanks and Regards


I want to have my custom ID's, is that not possible? Also when I added new ones, I was unable to delete records

You can create custom ID's (Account Heads) in Description and Code is only a short form of the Description and Code will not appear anywhere in the Ledger Register or Reports.

You can delete entries in the Ledger Register, but Account Heads once created in the Accounts Register cannot be deleted.

The Account Head will appear in your Accounting Reports only if it is used in the Ledger Register, So if you do not need an Account Head, just don't use it.

Please is there a user guide for multiple PC setup so I can follow it step by step. Thanks

Please see

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